Say “NO” to “STYRO”

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is “packing” a punch against our environment.  This type of plastic has a #6 recycling symbol on […]

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Water Conservation: Slow the Flow, Save H2O

Water scarcity is a struggle for many communities worldwide, while for others it’s a completely abstract concept. Approximately 70% of […]

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Waste Disposal – It’s NOT a Disappearing Act

Waste disposal services, like recycling and garbage, are like a magic act. Residents place items in their carts and once […]

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Who’s “BIN” looking in my recycling cart?

Loraas Recycle, in correlation with the City of Saskatoon, is conducting a quality assurance survey of the rates of non-recyclable […]

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Unknown Dangers

Loraas Disposal Services Ltd. would like to remind the public to not place dangerous or hazardous items in their recycling […]

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