Class 3A/1A Driver (Roll Off)

June 21, 2019

General Duties: 

  • Training for and driving of tandem axle Roll Off trucks as a full-time driver
  • Communicate with fellow employees in person and via two-way radio to plan calls, problem solve, and meet customer needs
  • Container and equipment cleaning and repairs, buildings and facilities work, and other duties as assigned when not operating truck
  • Adherence to company, and customer, site safety policies and procedures
  • Hours of work starting as early as 4:00 am and operating up to a maximum of 13 hours per day

Physical Aspects:

  • Climbing in and out of truck multiple times throughout day
  • Operation of equipment on various road surfaces (paved, gravel, dirt, etc.)
  • Shoveling interior of containers to ensure frozen or compact material is emptied
  • Utilizing hand tarps and straps to ensure load security regulations are met
  • Exposure to dust, mud, smells, rodents, birds, heat and cold at various points throughout day/year


  • Minimum Class 3A license required with clear abstract
  • Strong knowledge of Saskatoon and surrounding area
  • Minimum 3 years solid driving experience- short haul/city experience preferred
  • Hydraulic equipment experience, and/or farm background an asset
  • Excellent logistical and organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • This position is safety sensitive and as a condition of employment, all new employees to safety sensitive positions must successfully pass a substance test within a two week period of their hiring date. A criminal record check will also be required.

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