Cooking Up New Habits

January 17, 2019

For 2019, the most common New Year’s resolution was to, “Start cooking & stop eating out!” Public polls identified that Canadians hope to eat more homemade healthy meals at home rather than going out to dine during the 2019 year. This resolution enables individuals to save money and begin a new healthy eating routine while having the ability to spend more time at home with family.  Want to join the momentum? Follow these four Loraas rules to help you eat out less and cook more:

Rule #1 – Plan ahead.

Meal planning is the best way to avoid last-minute trips to the drive-thru. Although restaurants are convenient and less stressful, in the long run, you will not only save money, but it will save you valued family time too. Also, by meal planning, you will have to option to create large portions that you can freeze and then reheat for when you are in a time crunch. Even better – buying foods in bulk will allow you to decrease excess packaging from single packaged items and eliminate waste from takeout restaurants completely.

Rule #2 – A K.I.S.S to remember.

When meal planning think “K.I.S.S” Keep it Simple Silly! We declare Tacos are for Tuesdays! The key to success is creating meal plans that are easy for you to remember. Simple sayings like “Meatless Monday”, “Fish Friday,” and “Salad Saturday”, are a great way to remember your shopping list (even if you forget it!).

Rule #3 – Slow it down.

Set it, then forget it! The number of slow cooker recipes is endless and quite often require little preparation the night before. The best part about slow cooker meals is the minute you walk in the door supper is ready! It’s one of the simplest ways to cook and it removes the guesswork from the inevitable question, “What’s for dinner?”

Rule #4 – Chow down before going downtown.

An important rule of thumb is to eat or snack before leaving the house. It is very easy to graze the shelves at the grocery store and end up with half a cart of unintended and unhealthy extras. Remember to grab a bite to eat before you to hit up social events too. Appetizers are delicious but are usually packed full of calories. Not to mention, they are usually small and place a dent in your wallet.

Looking for more help and motivation to staying in, cook more, and eat out less? You’re in luck! Our Loraas social media is hosting a giveaway contest next week. Go to our Facebook page @LoraasYXE for details on how to enter and win starting on January 22, 2019. One lucky winner will be chosen on January 29, 2019. Good luck!


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