Our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) uses cutting edge technology to sort recyclables from Saskatoon and the surrounding community through a process of mechanical separation and quality control stations. Loraas Recycle’s single stream system allows for an extremely high rate of materials recovery, diverting over 100 tonnes of recyclables from the landfill every day!

Educational opportunities:
Loraas Recycle is pleased to offer free environmental education to anyone ages nine and up who wish to visit our facility. Our interactive Education Centre is the perfect destination for elementary students, community groups, environmental clubs, and virtually anyone else who is curious about our recycling programs. Contact us to book an education session or request a tour.

Loraas Recycle

  • 1902 1st Ave. North Saskatoon, SK

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday
    8:00 AM - 4:30 PM