Try out your recycling sorting skills on our virtual pre-sort station!

How to play:

Sort the following accepted and non-accepted materials from the recycling stream and place them into their assigned bins:

      • Accepted: Blue bagged shredded paper into the ‘blue-coloured’ bin.
      • Accepted: Blue, green and clear household glass bottles into the ‘black-coloured’ bin.
      • Not-Accepted: Remove plastic stretch film and bags by throwing them up into the silver vacuum tube.
      • Not-Accepted: Garbage items are placed into the ‘red-coloured’ not recyclable bin. Items include: ropes, dirty diapers, broken toys and rusty pots & pans.
      • Not Accepted: Waste dangerous goods are harmful to you, the sorting staff, and have the potential to damage the machinery. Press the ‘red-coloured’ emergency “STOP” button to remove: red gas cans, mini propane tanks, knives, axes, chainsaws, and tires.

To gain points, use your mouse to drag the items into their appropriate bins/areas before they move to the next station.

      • Remember: Allow the real recyclables, paper, cardboard, household tin & aluminum, and plastics with a #1♻-#7♻  to pass through your station as they will be sorted by machines and your coworkers further down the line.
      • If items are missed or incorrectly separated, you will lose points.


Be quick, have fun, and always, “Keep Calm and Recycle On!”

*Note:  This game should be played on a desktop computer or touch screen tablet. Not available for phones or in the app store.

To play the recycle game, please visit this page on a desktop or tablet device.