Loraas Recycle – Education Center & In-Facility MRF Tours

Our interactive Education Center is the perfect destination for most community or school groups, environmental clubs, and those who are curious about our recycling and waste diversion programs! Our Education Center is free and offers an interactive education program for individuals ages 9 and up. In-facility tours of our Materials Recovery Facility may be available for ages 12 and up too!

School Groups: Loraas offers an interactive 2.5 hour educational program for Grade 4 and up learning Earth Sciences. We are curriculum approved by the City of Saskatoon School Divisions. Our center is able to accommodate groups up to 30 students and is operational from September to May. FREE bus services for schools located in the City of Saskatoon Public and Catholic School Divisions. Our school group sessions are fully booked for the 2018-2019 school season. E-mail tours@loraas.ca to be added to our cancellation list. Thank for your continuous support! For the 2019-2020 school season, instructions on how to book will be made available August 2019 via your school’s online portal and on our Social Media @LoraasYXE.

Adults: Want to see our facility in action? We offer in-facility tours for most individuals ages 12 and up. Tour sessions are available weekdays and are 1 hour in length; accommodating up to a maximum of 14 participants. Have a larger group, like a business or community group. No problem!  Loraas offers 30-minute “Lunch & Learn” sessions at your facility! Please call or e-mail tours@loraas.ca to find available dates/times.

Before you book your tour, please read through our new safety terms and conditions to ensure our Education Center & Tours is the right destination for your group. Thanks!

Loraas Safety Terms & Conditions 

    • Our industrial facility is operational during tour times. Individuals must be 9 or older for Education Sessions. Individuals must be 12 or older for in-facility MRF tours.
    • For safety reasons and due to the nature of our facility, if your class or group has individuals with cognitive, behavioural, visual, sensory, or mobility disabilities, on-site tours may not be suitable. Please contact us for additional information.
    • All individuals that wish to complete in-facility tours and/or education sessions at our facility are required to sign our waiver form. Please click here for downloadable forms: Adults, Group Chaperones, and Students or Individuals under 18.
    • We do not have wheelchair/mobility accessibility at our facility. Our Education Center is on the second floor.
  • School Groups: Grades 4 and up only. Maximum of 30 students and a minimum of 2 adult chaperones. For safety reasons, additional chaperones are required to accommodate individuals with disabilities or mobility restrictions.
  • Adult Groups: Maximum of 14 participants during one session.