Curbside Cart & Blue Bin Accepted Recyclables

Loraas Recycling programs are designed for household packaging and paper products. We cannot accept all items with a recycling symbol ♻. Placing items outside of this scope into your recycling cart or bin contaminates clean recycling and is dangerous for waste and recycling employees. Our five categories of accepted items include:


January 1, 2020, Loraas’ recycling program will no longer accept the following items:

  1. Black coloured plastics: Take out containers, disposable food containers, dark coffee cup lids.
  2. Polycoat paper and cardboard containers: Paper coffee cups, cardboard ice cream containers, paper soft drink cups, non-beverage aseptic containers including soups and sauces.

CLICK HERE, for specific City of Saskatoon recycling program updates.

*UPDATED! 2020 recycling posters & guides available below.*


#1 – Flattened Cardboard

Accepted: Flattened boxboard/cardboard boxes, multi-drink trays, Tetra Pak beverage cartons, etc.

Not Accepted: Waxed cardboard, cardboard polycoat takeout containers, food-contaminated pizza or oil soiled boxes, mixed packaging (ex: tube chips), etc. 

      • Have cart lids 100% closed to prevent windblown litter and quick pickups. Please break down large boxes (2ft x 2ft pieces).
      • For large cardboard and excess recyclables, please use our public depot located at: 1902 1st Avenue North, Saskatoon (Open 24/7 hours).
#2 – Rippable Mixed Paper

Accepted: Newsprint, flyers, envelopes, clean paper cups or trays, phone book, etc.

Not Accepted: Polycoat cups and containers (coffee cups, soup), laminated paper, soiled or food-contaminated paper plates, etc. 

      • To check for paper recyclability, it must tear. 
      • Place all recyclables loose in your recycling cart; excludes small paper or paper shreds (place into a clear or clear-colour bag only).
#3 – Plastics #1♻ to #7♻ 

Accepted: Detergent bottles, rigid food containers, beverage bottles and jugs, etc.

Not Accepted: Black/dark coloured plastics, Styrofoam, plastic stretch film/wrap, plastics, small plastics (4x6cm) bottle caps, etc.

      • All plastics must have the recycle symbol and a number inside from #1 to #7; plastics cannot be accepted with just a
      • Please rinse/clean/empty contents from food and beverage containers before recycling. If not, please discard as waste. 
#4 – Household Aluminum & Tin Packaging

Approved: Clean tin food or pet cans, disposable trays or plates, aluminum foil, beverage cans, etc.

Not Approved: Car parts, white metals, electronics, house hardwear, etc. Please see “Landfill” Facilities Tab for additional options for large metal recyclable items at the Loraas Transfer Station.

      • All tins, cans, and foil should be clean before placing into the recycling cart. If contamination cannot be removed, please discard as waste.
      • Tin cans can be recycled with or without paper label. 
#5 – Household Beverage & Food Glass *Saskatoon-only*

Accepted: Beverage bottles, food jars, food bottles.

Not Accepted: Broken glass bottles or jars, porcelain, ceramic, windows, mirrors, etc. 

      • Clean household glass can be placed into your City of Saskatoon curbside cart or bin or dropped off and put in our “Glass Only” bin at our public drop-off located at: 1902 – 1st Avenue N, Saskatoon.
      • As an alternative, Sarcan Recycling programs in Saskatoon and Regina also accept clean household glass. 


Downloadable Recycling Guides & Posters

Download and print off a poster or guide to help your household or business become recycling masters! (Updated January 2020). 

Posters in other languages will be available Spring 2020.


Helpful Recycling Videos

For videos on proper recycling and waste diversion, visit our YouTube channel.


Not sure if it’s recyclable or garbage?

Find out where to take items not accepted in our recycling program including propane tanks, tires, electronics, clothing and more by using a recycling search engine. For Saskatchewan-wide recycling, visit the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction website.