Plastic Film (Bags) Update

Plastic film will be removed as an acceptable material in residential recycling programs starting April 1, 2018. However, residents can choose to stop placing plastic film in their recycling carts today, and can try to reduce their use of plastic film (bags) by bringing reusable bags when shopping. Please see the City of Saskatoon’s FAQ’s on Plastic Fim here.


Curbside Blue Bin Recycling Information

Recycling can be tough. When in doubt, “Think smart, only 5 in the cart!”. Loraas Recycle accepts five main recyclable materials including:

  1. Cardboard
    • Make sure to flatten your cardboard and place it into your bin so that the lid is not ajar. Do not rip into small pieces. We accept 2ft x 2ft pieces. Large cardboard can be taken to our bin depot at 1902 1st Avenue North, Saskatoon that is open 24/7 hours.
  2. Mixed Paper
    • Place shredded paper into a clear or clear blue bag; do not use a black bag, please.
    • “If you can rip it, you can recycle it!”
  3. Plastics #1 to #7 with a Recycle Symbol
    • Please ensure you remove all caps and lids without a recycling #1 to #7 symbol.
    • Starting April 1st, 2018, plastic film (grocery bags, sandwich bags, cling-wrap, etc) will no longer be accepted in our recycling streams. 
    • Program excludes: black plastics, styrofoam, and plastic film.
  4. Household Aluminum and Tin
    • For tin can lids, simply place the top back into the container and squeeze closed.
    • Paper can be left on the cans. However, for those environmentally friendly fanatics remove the paper and recycle that as well.
  5. Household Glass **City of Saskatoon Program only**
    • Please only include food-grade glass such as beverage bottles and glass food containers.

Note: Please rinse or wipe food residue from all containers. Residual food waste increases the risk of contaminating clean recycles and having these items end up at the landfill is increased.

Not sure if it’s recyclable or garbage?

There are lots of consumable items that can be recycled, however, cannot be processed at our facility. Divert these items to other recycling facilities! The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) site has a search engine so you can look up information on divertible waste materials.

For convenient and easy help visit their website at or


Household Hazardous Waste