Do I need to rinse my recyclables? Why?

September 15, 2017

Yes, but we do have a small bit of wiggle room. Loraas Recycle asks that household glass, plastic containers #1-#7 and household aluminum and tin be rinsed of food residues. Why? The reason we ask that your recyclables be rinsed includes:

  1. Residual food waste increases the risk of contaminating clean recycles, ultimately having those items end up in the landfill;
  2. Decreases the temptation for unwanted critters and insects; and
  3. Eliminate the lovely smells associated with rotten foods at our facility.

We do understand water is a valuable resource and not everyone has the ability to rinse containers. Additionally, sometimes that grease and grim is baked on. We ask that you try your best to remove residual food waste from your recyclables by rinsing or wiping or shaking them to the best of your ability. If you consider items too greasy, too contaminated, or too baked on please remove those portions and discard them.


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