Our composting program is a convenient and affordable way to dispose of fruit, vegetable, and plant matter without sending it to the landfill. Buried organic waste not only occupies valuable landfill space, it also produces methane gas when it decomposes—one of the most potent contributors to global warming. Show your commitment to waste diversion by signing up for this exciting new service.

  • Accepted items: fruit and vegetable scraps, plant waste, coffee grounds/filters/tea bags, egg shells.
  • Not accepted: liquids of any kind, proteins (poultry, beef, pork, etc.), dairy, fat trimmings, oils, baked goods, coffee pods, bio-plastics, glass or metal.
  • Yard and garden waste diversion programs are also available. Please contact us for details.


  • 65 gallon cart  Maximum weight: 15 kg
  • 95 gallon cart  Maximum weight: 22 kg