Our construction and demolition waste program can drastically reduce the amount of materials your project sends to the landfill. In conjunction with our recycling facility, Loraas Disposal offers more waste diversion options for construction and demolition waste than any other competitor in Saskatoon, giving our customers a leading edge on LEED projects. We also provide monthly reporting of all waste, recycling, and diverted tonnages for your site as a standard service at no additional cost.

Loraas Disposal can provide containers, hauling service and diversion options for the following materials:

  • Clean concrete/Aggregates/Soil*: Using roll-off containers, there are no landfill fees on these clean loads (no mixed loads, materials must be separated; re-bar is acceptable in 2ft lengths or less). This material is stockpiled, crushed by a contractor and re-used. *Soil may be subject to TCLP Slip testing for acceptance to Loraas Landfill, please contact for details.
  • Scrap metals: Using roll-off containers, these materials are hauled to a scrap metal dealer of the customer’s choice. Any residual value is paid directly to the customer by the scrap dealer (note: please ensure you have an account set up at a scrap dealer of your choice).
  • Clean wood/Drywall/Ceiling tile: Using color-coded roll-off containers, these loads (combined or separated), can be hauled and land-filled. (Creosote treated material is not accepted, please contact us for details.)
  • Recyclables: Our single stream recycling facility can accept co-mingled loads of cardboard, paper, #1-#7 plastics, tin and aluminum cans.

NEW! Did you know Loraas Disposal supplies portable, high-quality fencing for temporary use including construction projects, festivals, community events, garden centers, etc?! This new and aesthetically pleasing product and service is new to the market to help accommodate your needs. Loraas Disposal fence systems can be modified, expanded, reduced or relocated as your project or requirements develop. The fence panels are lightweight, stackable, and snag-resistant; specifically designed for strength and durability.

Panels are 10 ft in length and 6 ft in height.

4 ft panels are now available to further meet our Customers needs.

Please contact us to get your fence today. Quotes can be provided upon request.