• What time does my recycling cart need to be out for pickup?

    Carts should be placed with the wheels to the curbside by 7AM. Pickup times will vary for your neighbourhood depending on driver availability or weather conditions. Carts should be returned to your property by 7PM.

  • Where can I recycle my plastic bags?

    Plastic “stretchable” film is no longer an acceptable item for the blue cart program. A few examples include grocery bags, the plastic around pop boxes, packaging wrap, frozen food bags. Regardless if these items have a recycling symbol, we are unable to accept or process them.

    Always remember to reduce and reuse before you recycle. If you have excess plastic grocery bags, you can take them back to participating retail or grocery stores in your community or visit SWRC.ca to find a location close to you. Please see the City of Saskatoon’s FAQ’s on Plastic Fim here for additional information.


  • I have completely filled my cart. What can I do with my excess recyclables or waste?

    This is a common occurrence and Loraas has you covered! If possible, take the excess to a community waste deposit or landfill. For recycling, we welcome you to use our public recycling deposit that open 24/7 located at Loraas Recycle at 1902 1st Avenue North in Saskatoon.

    For projects involving excess waste, bins can be rented from our facility by calling (306) 242-2300 and talking to a specialist.

    Reminder: Please ensure your cart lid is completely closed. This will ensure you cart gets picked up and help to reduce windblown litter.

  • Do I need to rinse my recyclables? Why?

    Yes, but we do have a small bit of wiggle room. Loraas Recycle asks that household glass, plastic containers #1-#7 and household aluminum and tin be rinsed of food residues. Why? The reason we ask that your recyclables be rinsed includes:

    1. Residual food waste increases the risk of contaminating clean recycles, ultimately having those items end up in the landfill;
    2. Decreases the temptation for unwanted critters and insects; and
    3. Eliminate the lovely smells associated with rotten foods at our facility.

    We do understand water is a valuable resource and not everyone has the ability to rinse containers. Additionally, sometimes that grease and grim is baked on. We ask that you try your best to remove residual food waste from your recyclables by rinsing or wiping or shaking them to the best of your ability. If you consider items too greasy, too contaminated, or too baked on please remove those portions and discard them.

  • Can I bag my recyclables?

    No. Please make sure all recyclable materials are placed loosely into your Loraas blue bin; Except clear bagged shredded paper. At the first sorting station, our facility workers hand-sort through the mixed recyclables looking for harmful or non-approved materials and clear bagged shredded paper. Our conveyor belts travel at speeds from 70 to 114 meters/minute. After this station, our facility mainly uses specialized machines or programmed computers to identify the different recyclables. If recyclables are placed together or missed by the employees at the first station, they cannot be sorted and separated which would cause damage to our machines or be harmful to our employees down the line.

  • Can I recycle my styrofoam in my blue Loraas bin?

    No. Unfortunately, styrofoam is not recyclable at our facility. This is because styrofoam is compromised of 98% air and only 2% plastic. Specialized equipment and large volumes of styrofoam are required, which our facility does not possess.

    Please visit our friends at The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council for more information!

  • Why are individuals going through my recycling cart?

    During June to July of 2015 until 2018, Loraas, in correlation with the City of Saskatoon, is funding and conducting a quality assurance survey of the rates of non-recyclable (contaminant) items being placed in the Loraas recycling carts across several, randomly chose neighborhoods in Saskatoon. Over the course of the summer, we will conduct a maximum of three inspections prior to recycling collection day in your neighborhood; your carts will be collected after 11:30 AM. We will be checking your Loraas blue-carts for items that do not belong to help you to better understand what is appropriate to recycle and what is not. For households that have no contaminants, a green tag will be assigned to your bin with helpful reminders of what to recycle on the back of the tag. When our team finds two or more contaminants or a large volume of one type of material, orange tags will inform you of unrecyclable and potentially dangerous materials in your bin. Our staff will always self-identify as an employee of Loraas and wear attire with logos and safety vests.

    Should you have any questions or concerns about your recycling, or would like to arrange a tour or educational meeting to better understand what goes on at the Loraas recycling facility, please do not hesitate to contact our team at (306)-242-2300 or e-mail tours@loraas.ca. We would be happy to assist you.

  • How can I recycle my shredded paper?

    Shredded paper must be collected in a clear or clear coloured bag before being placed into your recycle bin. Our machines cannot sort loose shredded paper due to its size, therefore it must be manually sorted by our fantastic employees. Please note that small squares, paper strips, and confetti should not be placed loosely in your recycle bin. Placing shredded paper into a black bag is not acceptable as our facility workers remove the bags from the belt by hand and cannot ensure that only shredded paper is in the bag.

  • Can food contaminated cardboard (ie: pizza boxes) be placed in my recycle bin?

    Yes and no. The portion of clean cardboard that is not contaminated with food waste can be placed into your recycle bin and the oil-saturated or contaminated part must be thrown in the compost or garbage.

  • Loraas Recycle can only accept 5 categories recyclable items. Where can I take (ie: batteries, styrofoam, light bulbs, christmas lights)?

    Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) have an easy-to-use search engine that will help you look up divertible waste materials. For convenient and easy help visit their website at www.saskwastereduction.ca or www.swrc.ca! On their website, SWRC promotes and gives information on free dropoff days for items such as hazardous waste. Visit them today!