• Are waxed paper or cardboard (cups or boxes) accepted for recycling or compost?

    There are two terms that often get mixed up when it comes to recycling; wax-coating versus polycoat lining.

    To test what your product is, run your fingernail down the outside of the box or inside of the paper. If you have a film under your nail, then it’s a wax-coating product (ie: lettuce produce box). If you don’t, then most likely it’s polycoat item (ie: disposable cardboard takeout containers or paper pop/coffee cup).

    Waxed cardboard and paper is not allowed in Loraas’ composting or recycling programs and must be discarded as waste.

    Polycoat items are still accepted in Loraas’ recycling program. Public education on phasing them out has started and these items will be removed from our recycling programs starting January 1, 2020. After this time, please discard as waste.

  • Are black plastics and paper beverage cups (coffee cups, pop cups) still accepted for recycling?

    On September 30th, 2019, the City of Saskatoon’s Council voted to remove black plastics (i.e. take out containers, coffee cup lids) and polycoat containers (i.e. paper coffee cups, cardboard ice cream containers, paper soft drink cups, non-beverage aseptic containers including soups and sauces, ect.) beginning January 1st, 2020 from their curbside recycling program.

    At this time, Loraas Recycle still accepts black plastics and polycoat lined containers but will be phasing these out of our recycling programs starting January 1, 2020 due to a lack of recycling manufacturers able to accept and process these low-grade materials for reuse.

    Visit City of Saskatoon – Recycling Facts for 2020 for more information.

  • Can I bag or box my recyclables?

    No. Please make sure all recyclable materials are placed loosely into your Loraas blue cart. Excludes clear bagged shredded paper.

  • Can I recycle coffee pods (K-cup, small plastics)?

    Plastics smaller than 6cm by 8cm (2.5″x3.5″) unfortunately may end up getting missed in our sorting system. Try stacking and compacting these cups together before placing them in the cart.

    Reminder: Plastic items require a #1 to #7 recycling symbol in order to be accepted in our curbside recycling program (excludes #7 PLA or bioplastic coffee pods). Small plastics (i.e. straws, milk tabs, bottle caps) are not accepted in our recycling program.

  • Can I recycle grocery bags (plastic bags, plastic film)?

    As of April 1st, 2018, plastic “stretchable” film (i.e. plastic grocery bags, packaging wrap, frozen food bags) are no longer accepted in our recycling program (regardless of if these items have a recycling symbol or number).

    To find out where to recycle soft plastics and grocery bags, click here.

    For additional information about the removal of plastic film, please click here to view the City of Saskatoon’s FAQ’s.

  • Can I recycle pizza boxes (food-contaminated cardboard)?

    Yes and no. The portion of clean cardboard can be placed in your recycle cart. Any oil-saturated or food-contaminated must be discarded as waste if it cannot be rinsed or cleaned.

  • Can I recycle Styrofoam (expanded polystrene)?

    No. Unfortunately, Styrofoam is not recyclable at our facility.

    Expanded polystrene is comprised of 98% air and only 2% plastic. Specialized equipment and source-separated programs are required to recycle it; which Loraas Recycle does not possess.

    For specialized Styrofoam recycling programs, click here.

  • How do you recycle shredded paper?

    Please place shredded paper, post notes, paper strips, and paper confetti in a clear or clear coloured bag (excludes black garbage bags) before recycling into your blue cart.

  • What can I recycle in my blue cart?

    Loraas Recycle accepts household packaging including paper, cardboard, household tin & aluminum, plastics with the recycling symbol #1 through #7. City of Saskatoon recycling programs will accept household glass. For details and printable guidelines, click here.

    For all other recyclables (i.e. batteries, wood, clothing, scrap metal, tires, propane tanks, ect.), click here to find a specialized recycling program. Please do not place these in your blue recycling cart or bin.

  • Why was my cart missed?

    Please call our customer care at 306-242-2300 to resolve this issue. For answers and common mistakes resulting in missed pickups, click here.

    For downloadable pickup schedules, click here.

    Carts should be placed with the wheels to the curb by 7AM and returned to your property by 7PM. Pickup times may vary depending on driver availability or weather conditions. Follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @LoraasYXE for up-to-date pickup irregularities.