Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2018

Celebrate this wonderful green, life-giving planet we have by doing something nice for her. Mars isn’t ready to colonize yet, so let’s keep Earth clean!

  1. Pick a simple earth-friendly energy efficient change for your home
    • Shut off the lights for as long as you can (hurray free sunlight!).
    • Unplug devices when not in use.
    • Swap your old light bulbs for LED bulbs (and recycle them properly using this website!).
    • Seal up holes/cracks around your house. Install low-flow plumbing fixtures.
    These are things you can do all-year-long to make a difference. I always unplug power bars and anything else that can be unplugged when I go away for the weekend or for holidays. When something is plugged in it is still using electricity, even if it is off/not in use.
  2. Pare back your collections
    Declutter, declutter, declutter! Get on your spring cleaning now. Read those books and won’t read them again? Have some clothes that are too small or just not your style anymore? Don’t ever use that decorative basket anymore and just don’t know where to put it? Can’t stand that painting that was gifted by your great aunt? Donate all your unwanted treasures to a thrift shop, sell them online, or swap with your friends. Please remember, don’t throw those items in the recycle cart or your waste bin.
  3. Find a good home for hard-to-donate items
    Got a stash of leftover yarn? Chop them up into 2-inch pieces and leave them outside for the birds to start building their nests with, or, find a seniors center that will gladly take donations for their residents. Have some unneeded building materials and furniture? Your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore will take those! Have some unused or hotel-sized bottles of personal care products? Homeless and women’s shelters will accept unopened items.
  4. Start planning your spring home changes
    We’re ALL getting itchy for spring…well…summer, around here. But there’s lots of planning you can start on already! Planning on painting? Look for ozone-friendly low VOC paints, and start picking your colours. Planning a bigger reno? If you’re not doing it yourself, start looking for pros now before they’re all booked up. Start planning your garden by sketching out your garden plans, making sure the plants you’re thinking of growing are able to grow in this climate (Saskatoon is zone 3b). Start your seedlings inside if you have space! Plan out your composting system for your home; Compost bin? Vermicomposting? Trenching? Find out more about composting from our friends at the SWRC!
  5. Help clean up a natural area
    Meewasin means “it is good, it is nice, it is pretty, it is beautiful; it is valuable” in Cree. Let’s help keep it that way. Grab a garbage bag, or some plastic grocery bags if you have some laying around, and go pick up trash. There’s lots of ground to cover, and many hands make light work! Not just the Meewasin needs cleaning. You’re welcome to go to any park or playground near you and pick up trash, helping Mother Nature out and beautifying our city. Please remember, don’t throw trash bags into the blue recycling carts.

We hope these tips will be useful this Earth Day, and every other day of the year! Happy Earth Day from your friends at Loraas!


Source: Houzz.com

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