Loraas Earth Day 2019 Poster Contest!

March 25, 2019


April is approaching us very quickly and you all know what this means – Earth Day 2019! Loraas Recycle is a huge supporter of Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22nd. In order to keep the celebration going and raise awareness on environmental topics, we will be hosting our annual Student Earth Day 2019 Poster Contest. This contest is available for all Saskatoon students Grade 3 to Grade 8 within the SPSD and GCSD (home-based education too!).  This year’s theme is, “Turn your SPOIL, into SOIL!”

Official Poster with rules and contest details can be found here.

Don’t worry teachers we didn’t forget about you! During April 15th until 22nd Loraas will be celebrating Earth Week on our social media channels. Each day we will feature different environmental topics, so follow along to learn how each one of us can be an Earth Hero too! To boot, we will be having a social media giveaway just for adults. So join us on Facebook and Instagram to potentially win some sweet eco-swag!

Part 1 – Worldwide Recycling: Why is it changing?

Why is Canada sending your recycling items overseas to China and Malaysia? How come my recycling contractor has removed accepted items from my recycling cart program? Find out this and more by reading our latest blog here!

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The DL – What is ‘Downcycling’?

When products are melted down and re-recycled over and over they undergo a process called “Downcycling”. So what is it and why does it matter to you? Find out more in this month’s blog!

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Sea Change – From the Prairie to the Ocean

The Prairie Provinces are hundreds of miles from the coasts. That should mean our waste is “securely” landlocked and cannot contribute to this problem – Right? Not quite.

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Taking the “Pressure” out of Recycling Propane & Helium

It’s BBQ and party season! Once we’ve chowed down on our burgers and taken down all the party balloons, what […]

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Don’t Get Left Behind – “Why wasn’t my cart collected?”

Has this ever happened to you? You hear the big, shiny Loraas truck go by collecting all the carts in […]

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pLASTic 2

Following our first pLASTic blog, we thought it would be appropriate to dive back into the complicated world of plastic […]

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Sustainable Diets

Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle is another way citizens can help out Mother Nature. The zero-waste lifestyle is a philosophy that […]

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Xeriscaping – Smart Gardening

Reduction is the best way to start a zero-waste lifestyle. As water is a valuable resource, reducing our H20 usage […]

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Greenwashing: Going Green Isn’t Always Easy

Lights, camera, action! The Hollywood scene often portrays futuristic or scary scenarios of brainwashing that illustrate severe forms of social […]

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Going Green – Business Edition

It’s inevitable, when a business chooses eco-friendly and sustainable options it benefits the community and the environment. When businesses are […]

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