Our new (2019) Loraas Organics facility has been making Class A Compost year round and has the following options available for purchase, if you intend to purchase 10+ yards of material, please call ahead.

* Loader operator only available until 4:00pm daily at this time. After 4:00pm drop-off and self load still available.

Class A Compost

Screened to ¼ inch size (or less)

Sold by the cubic yard $48.00 per yard plus GST

OR 40L Burlap bags – $10/bag flat rate. *Available at the Loraas Landfill scale house*

Garden Ready Mix

Blend of screened Class A Compost and screened Topsoil

Sold by the cubic yard $60.00 per yard plus GST

Screened Top Soil

Screened to ¼ inch size

Sold by the cubic yard $25.00 per yard plus GST

What is Class A Compost?

  • This is compost that is safe to be used in any application and is tested regularly to meet established federal criteria for limitation of trace elements and foreign matter, to be mature and stable, and is controlled for pathogen content. 
  • Loraas Organics produces Class A compost that meets the standards of the Compost Quality Alliance (CQA) certification program through the Composting Council of Canada.
  • Compost is a soil amendment that is typically blended into existing gardens and beds.
  • Class A compost aids your soils by:
    • Adding slow-release macronutrients and organic matter in a significant quantity
    • Improves soil structure, porosity and density, thus creating a better environment for plant roots
    • Supports and enhances the soil’s beneficial micro-organisms, such as earthworms
    • Enables light sandy soil to better retain nutrients and moisture
    • Enhances the soil’s ability to clean the water that passes through it
    • Results in a darker soil colour which better holds the warmth of the sun
    • Improves and stabilizes soil pH

What is Topsoil?

  • Topsoil is the top layer of any soil above the earth’s bedrock and is naturally occurring. 
  • Topsoil contains clay and sand and is good for building up soil height to a desired level or grade.
  • It contains organic matter but usually not as much as your plants will need to grow to their full potential. The higher the percentage of compost in topsoil, the better it is for growing.

Topsoil is not held to any industry standards or regulations and will contain weed seeds since it is not heated up like compost is when it is produced.

What is Garden Ready Mix?

  • Garden Ready Mix is a combination of Class A compost and topsoil that is ready for planting.

The ratio of compost to topsoil is determined after the compost has been tested under the CQA standards process, and the compost content is typically 20-25% by volume.