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May 1, 2020

Organic waste accounts for 30% to 70% of what Saskatchewan residents and businesses discard as garbage daily. Traditional composting systems, such as backyard or commercial windrowing, all have decomposition limitations on what can and cannot be accepted for compost. Advanced organics recycling is now a reality in the Saskatoon area with Loraas Organic’s programs. Managing your organic waste has never been more convenient and cost-effective.

The Loraas Organics facility is the first in Saskatchewan to use aerated static pile composting technology and is located just outside of Saskatoon. During our industrial composting process, the heat and odours created by the decomposing organic waste are trapped by a GORE® textile cover. With controlled high temperatures, Loraas is able to process year-round and turn organic waste into nutrient rich compost in as little as 8 to 13 weeks rather than months or years. Due to these precise controls our green cart and bin program can accept complex organic materials including proteins and bones, grains, and solidified-dairy products for decomposition; substances excluded from traditional composting programs.

Without the presence of oxygen and UV sunlight rays, when organic waste breaks down in a landfill methane gas is emitted instead of carbon dioxide. Methane from landfills accounts for approximately 11% of the world’s Greenhouse Gas emissions. Composting lowers these emissions by 75% and is the best alternative for households and businesses to divert usable materials away from landfill while effortlessly decrease their environmental impact.

Reducing your waste and starting your journey to helping the planet is as simple as picking up the phone. Give us a call at 306-242-2300 and talk to one of our representatives. Looking for more information? Visit the organics section of our website; Click Here.


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