Compactors & Balers

Companies with high volumes of waste and recycling materials in Prince Albert can now rent compactors and balers provided by Loraas for their equipment solutions. We offer sales or rental options on new and used equipment for a full range of disposal and recycling requirements. Our experienced crew of technicians in Prince Albert can service and repair all makes and models of compactors and balers. Compactors can be purchased with container sizes ranging from 3 cubic yard to 40 cubic yard and we offer different models for wet and dry materials. Compacting your garbage, cardboard and single stream recycling materials has never been so easy.

Needing a lower volume solution? Loraas in Prince Albert has you covered with cardboard balers.

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  • 95 Gallon Cart

    Dimensions: 3'6"h x 2'4"w x 2'9"l

    Maximum Weight:

  • 64 Gallon Cart

    Dimensions: 3'5"h x 2'2"w x 2'6"l

    Maximum Weight:

  • Organics Cube

    Dimensions: 4'w x 3'5"d x 3'5"h

    Maximum Weight:

  • Front Load 3 Cubic Yard

    Dimensions: 4'3"h x 3’9"d x 6’ 10"w

    Maximum Weight: 150 kg

  • Front Load 4 Cubic Yard

    Dimensions: 4’2"h x 4.8’d x 6'10"’w

    Maximum Weight: 200 kg

  • Front Load 6 Cubic Yard

    Dimensions: 5.6’h x 6.2’d x 6.10’w

    Maximum Weight: 300 kg

  • Roll-off 14 Cubic Yard

    Dimensions: 4.10’h x 13.6’l x 8’w

    Maximum Weight: 8000 kg

  • Roll-off 30 Cubic Yard

    Dimensions: 6.0’h x 21.6’l x 8’w

    Maximum Weight: 8000 kg

  • Roll-off 40 Cubic Yard

    Dimensions: 8.0’h x 22’l x 8’w

    Maximum Weight: 8000 kg

  • Sliding Lid Container

    Dimensions: 6.1’h x 20’3"d x 8’w

    Maximum Weight: 8000 kg