Our facility is a combination of a large warehouse for material storage and mixing and a series of 8 bunkers all equipped with GORE ® covers.

They measure 6 meters by 50 meters and can hold up to 450 tons of material in each bunker.

The bunker floor has perforated panels from one end to another that have a fan on a timer system to regulate oxygen, moisture, and heat. Once material is stacked into a bunker it’s covered with a GORE® cover and put through 3 phases of curing. The GORE® textile technology to restrict moisture while allowing airflow and external oxygen through the heaps. They also have the ability to help prevent odours; a detrimental side-effect to any Composting facility.

ODOUR CONTROL: If it wasn’t obvious already – this facility creates odours or VOC’s volatile organic compounds. High pressure fans that push the air through a perforated bunker – full of wet wood waste. This process is completed 8 times per hour to purify the air of VOC’s.

Once the materials have been mixed and stacked into the bunkers they start their 3 phases of composting.

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Phase 1

High Composting Phase

4-6 weeks, high composting phase where microbial decomposition is happening. This phase is covered by the GORE cover.

Phase 2

Curing Composting Phase

Curing composting phase – 14 days. Material is re-homogenized during the handling/turning process and then re-covered.

Phase 3

Final Cure

This process is another 14 days and will be covered depending on the current climate it’s in.

Phase 4

Screening & Sorting

We tromil the material. After one final screening and sorting process the material is ready to be used as a nutrient rich soil!