“Plastic Free” 2018 Earth Day Poster Contest Winners

April 20, 2018

Every year, Loraas Recycle holds an Earth Day poster contest for students in Saskatoon schools, grades 3-8. This year’s theme was “Plastic Free is the Way to Be”. Single-use plastics are becoming a problem in our environment, and we wanted to make that known to the students. Their mission was to help us educate everyone else and perhaps help tell why single-use plastics and plastic pollution is bad for the environment. The students who entered did amazing, and it was really hard to pick the top winners! Our staff agreed, and these were the top posters from each level.

Great Saskatoon Catholic Schools
Grade 3-4: Mira, grade 3, St Philip School
Grade 5-6: Annalys, grade 5, George Vanier School
Grade 7-8: Nonja, grade 8, St Philip School

Saskatoon Public Schools
Grade 3-4: Annika, grade 4, Lakeridge School
Grade 5-6: Emma, grade 6, Chief Whitecap School
Grade 7-8: Ireland, grade 7, SPS home-based education program

Thank you to everyone who entered in our contest! We hope that through your posters, and some obvious research that you did, that you will help us clean the planet with eco-friendly alternatives to plastic waste! The winners each received a pair of Beats by Dre Headphones and were presented their prizes in front of their classmates. Congrats winners! Watch for next year’s contest in April 2019 on Social Media!

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