Reusable Bags: Putting the “USE” in Re”USE”able

October 16, 2018

On average a person will use six plastic disposable bags over the course of a week (Lober, D. 2017). As the creation of plastics is relatively new, only decades old, scientists can only approximate their impact on our globe and decomposition rates (Hopewell et al. 2009). But, the more we open our “green” lenses and look at the world as a whole, we can see the negative impact of single-use plastics. Looking for a simple solution to curb your use of these of disposal plastics? Simple – Use reusable bags!

It is proven that reusable bags can have a positive impact, but only if they are used (Hopewell et al. 2009). The struggle is real and we have all been in the same scenario. “You’re grocery shopping and get up to the till and realize – UGH, you forgot your reusable bags at home again!” No problem – Loraas is here to help! Here are five simple tricks to help you make a habit of “use”ing your re“use”able bags:

Tip 1: Create a reminder for yourself.

It’s true, humans are forgetful. Create yourself a simple reminder to ensure those reusable bags actually are brought with you to the store. Add a reminder to the top of your shopping list to make your bags priority number one. Set a reminder on your phone around the time you plan on leaving. Leave a note on the door you will see before you walk out.

Tip 2: Strategically place your bags.

Until you can form a habit of bringing your reusable bags along with you, strategically place them in highly visible areas before leaving to the store. Place them on your front door knob. Add a hook or bin near your vehicle in the garage. Place them in the front passenger seat of the car rather than in the trunk or back seat.

Tip 3:  Find condensable bags.

 Carry a reusable bag on you at all times. You can do this by simply placing one into your purse or backpack.  There are many options for bags that are lightweight and fold up into tiny pouches for easy storage.

Tip 4: Put them back into your vehicle.

Although this sounds like the simplest solution, in fact, it is the most difficult. Those reusable bags will, the majority of the time, get used if they are already in your vehicle. Make an effort to build a habit of taking your bags back into your vehicle right away.

Tip 5: Get crafty!

Have fun with your family members and turn your unused textile waste, like t-shirts or blankets, into personalized shopping bags. Children love to show off their artwork and will act as a reminder for you too. The best part about these bags is…fewer trips from the vehicle into the house! Homemade reusable bags can hold an increased weight rather than a single-use plastic bag.

Do you have your own tips for remembering those reusable bags? Please let us know! Tell us your ideas on our social media @LoraasYXE and we will share them with others. Want to win some reusable swag including a reusable bag? Check out our social media outlets to see how to enter. Together we are creating a greener, cleaner community!



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