Safe Disposal Options: Ammunition & Firearms

November 12, 2019

We are in the midst of hunting season. Hunters – do you know what to do with spent bullet casings or out of commission firearms? Although these items are made of plastic and metals, never place them in the blue, black, or green carts or bins.

Ammunition is classified as an explosive and firearms are dangerous weapons – meaning they can’t be recycled. Plastics and metals are used to make these products, but are deemed non-reusable due to the gun powder. In addition, placing either of these items in your cart or bin is extremely dangerous for employees working in the waste and recycling industry; especially at recycling processing Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF). MRFs work together with local police detachments, and all ammunition, firearms, explosives, or dangerous weapons that are retrieved at our facility are handed over. Placing dangerous items in your waste, recycling, or organics cart is not an anonymous disposal technique and, if asked by the authorities, can be traced back to the owner of the cart.

Safe Disposal Option

Residents of Saskatchewan are encouraged to contact their nearest RCMP detachment, municipal police service, or conservation office to arrange the surrender of unwanted firearms, replica firearms, and ammunition. It is vital that you do not transport these items yourself as improper transportation presents a public safety risk and can result in potential criminal charges. Please call ahead to arrange a pick-up and a police or conservation officer will go to your residence to collect all surrendered items.

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