Our product inventory for waste services has virtually all of your disposal needs covered. How can we be of service to you? Call our customer service team to discuss a waste solution today.

Our single stream recycling service is the easiest and most effective way for your business to meet its waste reduction goals. Show your commitment to the environment and call today to discuss the best recycling options for your industry.

Our composting program is a convenient and affordable way to dispose of fruit, vegetable, and plant matter without sending it to the landfill. Buried organic waste not only takes up valuable landfill space, it also produces methane gas when it decomposes—one of the most potent contributors to global warming. Show your commitment to waste diversion by signing up for this exciting new service.

Our construction and demolition waste program can drastically minimize the amount of materials your project sends to the landfill. In conjunction with our recycling facility, Loraas Disposal offers more waste diversion options for construction and demolition waste than any other competitor in Saskatoon, giving our customers a leading edge on LEED projects. We also provide corresponding monthly reporting of all waste, recycling, and diverted tonnages for your site as a standard service at no additional cost.