Sugar & Spice, Going Eco Feels Nice

February 7, 2019

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. On the contrary, over time this celebration has replaced love with “things” due to commercialism. We are taught from a young age to gift paper cards and candy to our crush, rather than show our feelings. Gifts can be a great way to share affection, but often they come in excess packaging with non-recyclable or reusable waste. On February 14th, demonstrate your love not only to your crush but to Mother Nature too, by gifting an eco-friendly option instead. Here are a few of our favourite ways to go eco-friendly this Valentine’s Day:

Let your love “blossom!” Giving your partner a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day is romantic. They say love is eternal, however, those flowers are not, and usually start wilting within a week or so. Why not give your partner something that will last longer. Nothing says, “You were mint to be together,” more than gifting a potted plant! For example, if you love to cook together why not give your partner a nice herb plant instead?  If you’d like to stick with the traditional route, try to purchase locally to support your local growers.

Paper Valentine’s Day cards are traditional, however, they create a large amount of excess waste. Yes, paper is recyclable, but it is important to reduce and reuse consumable items before opting to recycle. Think creatively this year to find alternatives to paper. Why not go paperless and send your crush an e-card or text a GIF instead? Or search for multiuse alternatives like seed paper cards that can be planted afterward to show your Valentine that they are, “growing on you.”

Sometimes the best gifts come in the smallest packages – hopefully with no packaging at all. There are lots of ways to show your partner how much you care about them instead of producing excess waste. How about spending time together? Go for a stroll along the riverbank or create a home cooked meal together using locally sourced foods.  After all, the best way to demonstrate how much your Valentine means to you is to simply tell your other half those three special words – “I love you.”

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