Unknown Dangers

May 29, 2018

Loraas Disposal would like to remind the public to not place dangerous or hazardous items in their recycling carts and help keep our employees safe and our facility a safe working environment. Regular household items to you may become unknown dangers to us.

At Loraas Recycle, we run a single-stream system, to help you recycle household packaging and paper items easier. Think smart; these are the items allowed in your recycling cart: Cardboard, paper, plastics with the #1 – #7 symbol on them, and household tin and aluminum. We DO NOT take porcelain or ceramic glass (no toilets, please!), metal or electrical items (no car parts, electrical cords, computer parts, etc.), batteries of any kind, propane tanks, syringes, food waste, household waste (no pet waste, or diapers, please!), and hazardous household waste (no chemicals/cleaners or old paint). These items can be dangerous and can pose a risk to our employees and facility.

As an example, when someone places a used battery in their recycle cart and wish-cycles it (hoping that item will get recycled), that battery could potentially cause a fire in our facility. Our separating process uses people and machines to sort through items. Our belts move very fast, and while our workers are fast moving as well, things can get missed, especially if they are small. That battery, as an example, can get crunched/broken, leak battery acid, and spark from moving metal friction, causing a fire before it even starts its way into the sorting process.

 There are locations that you can take these batteries to be disposed of properly, or those metal parts, broken tools, computer parts, used paint, and other items that are not acceptable in your recycling carts. The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council and City of Saskatoon Waste Wizard websites are amazing tools for finding where you can drop off these items. There are locations around the city to take those used batteries or other items, which will ensure they are safely disposed of or recycled at the proper facility.

Recycling items that are not household packaging and paper may not always be simple – it takes effort and responsible participation from all residents. Throwing out items like batteries, tires, car or computer parts in your recycling cart may not seem hazardous to you, but it could cost us machinery or our employee’s lives. While we may have controls in place at our facility to mitigate risk for our team, we cannot control hazards coming in through the recycling program. Please do your part to put your waste in the right place, and keep us safe.


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