wasteLESS: Waste Reduction Week

October 15, 2018

Waste Reduction Week is a unique program that is solely focused on the principles of waste reduction, circular economy and resource efficiency in Canada. The program’s primary purpose is to celebrate our environmental efforts and achievements while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions to our waste. The celebratory nature of the movement motivates individuals to learn about their behaviour on consumerism and the choices made in our daily lives (Waste Reduction Week, 2018).

Waste reduction and recycling weeks in Canada started in the mid-1980s when a number of recycling councils and environmental organizations began holding provincial events. In 2001, the national Waste Reduction Week program was formalized by the Recycling Council of Ontario. This group now leads the national campaign with support from not-for-profit environmental groups and governments from each of the 13 provincial and territorial jurisdictions across Canada (Waste Reduction Week, 2018).

The program’s educational resources and “take action” messaging is designed to empower all Canadians to adopt more environmentally conscious choices. Waste Reduction Week in Canada further provides information and ideas to reduce waste in all facets of daily living, creating the solutions to the many environmental challenges we face including climate change, water pollution, and preservation of our natural resources (Waste Reduction Week, 2018). Looking to make a difference and join the movement? Here are Loraas’ four tips to waste less easily in your daily lives:

  1. Smart Snacking!
    • Only buy what you need, eat what you buy, then compost! Turn your spoil into soil by composting your uneaten organic waste rather than throwing it away into the landfill. By composting our food we decrease GHG emissions created from organic breakdown. Also, your food turns into rich and nutritious soils to grow more food!
  2. Get Thrifty!
    • The average Canadian disposes of 31lbs of textile waste a year; worldwide is 82lbs! Rather than buying new clothing and products from the store, check your local thrift shop first or host a clothing swapping party with your friends. Not only will the items be unique or new to you, but they will also save you those valued dollar bills!
  3. What’s old is new again!
    • Repair and refurbish those trinkets before opting to purchase new. Often all they need to be like new again is a little update or elbow grease. Is your cellphone still working but your contract is up? Then why not keep it around for another year or two. Did the spigot quit working on your lemonade dispenser? Turn it into a unique fish tank!
  4. Purchase “Green”!
    • Think environmentally conscious when buying products or making purchasing decisions. Do your research to seek out products with recycled content or products that can be easily recycled. Consider buying packaging that is reusable rather than disposable. Value companies that offer take-back or repair services for the products you purchase.

Have a fun tip on how you reduce waste in your household? Know of an eco-friendly company or product you cannot live without? Let us know on our social media @LoraasYXE. If we like your tip, we may share this information on our pages to inspire others. Looking for more eco-friendly waste solutions, visit our blog to find out more. Together we can do more to create less!



Waste Reduction Week. 2018. Accessed at: https://wrwcanada.com/en. Accessed on: 3 October 2018.

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