Why Should You Buy Our Loraas Organics Compost?

May 17, 2021

Our Loraas Organics facility has been operating for over a year and we’ve got some premium compost available to show for it. Why should you buy our product? Our compost is CQA approvedClass A CompostWhat does that mean? The CQA is the Compost Quality Alliance of Canada and our compost has been approved by them.

“The CQA standard is based on simple, basic agronomic principles: specifically, nutrient uptake and availability of the compost; and specific nutrient levels and their application across different agricultural groups.”
-Greg Patterson of the Compost Council of Canada

Our compost is also Class A and can be used in any application, such as agricultural lands, residential gardens, horticultural operations, the nursery industry, and other businesses with great success.

We’ve got an excellent product which should make an easy decision on where to buy your compost or garden ready mix this year, but we’d be missing out on the bigger picture if we didn’t talk about how and why we make this compost.

Our Loraas Organics compost facility is a $7M investment that was 100% privately funded by Loraas, no levels of government contributed to it or directly support its operation. We are a family owned & operated business who built this facility to be able to offer a new waste diversion option for our customers.

The compost technology that Loraas invested in is called the GORE system. It allows our customers to recycle food waste (including bones, meats, and dairy) that cannot be composted in your back yard compost bin or at any yard waste drop-off depots. This means we are getting more biodegradable material out of the landfills than any other program in Saskatchewan.

  • Compost that is made from a diversified feedstock like ours which includes food waste has the highest levels of nutrients and provides the following benefits to your soil:
    • Adds slow-release macronutrients and organic matter in a significant quantity
    • Improves soil structure, porosity, and density, thus creating a better environment for plant roots
    • Supports and enhances the soil’s beneficial micro-organisms, such as earthworms
    • Enables light sandy soil to better retain nutrients and moisture
    • Enhances the soil’s ability to clean the water that passes through it
    • Results in a darker soil colour which better holds the warmth of the sun
    • Improves and stabilizes soil pH

Loraas Organics compost products are regularly tested to ensure they meet the CQA standards of the Canadian Compost Council. We are one of the few suppliers in the province who meet or exceed the CQA standard.

When planning your garden this spring, make sure to think of our Loraas Organics compost & garden ready mix. It’s a great way to support a local business and it’s made from tonnes of materials diverted from the landfill!

To see more information about our products & pricing click here.

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