A friendly reminder: Please do not put pumpkins, costumes, decorations, or candy wrappers into your blue recycling cart. Pumpkins can be taken to the City of Saskatoon composting facilities, costumes can be donated to second-hand stores and candy wrappers are considered garbage.

‘Wish-Cycling IS NOT ‘Recycling’. Stop this trend!

‘Wish-Cycling’ is not ‘Recycling’. Stop this trend! I am sure you are wondering what is wish-cycling and why must it […]

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How clean is Clean? – Loraas “3 Rinse Hints”

How clean is CLEAN? For years we have been told by recycling programs to, “Ensure your recyclables are CLEAN.” The […]

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Why did my Loraas bin not get picked up?

Ever wonder why you pay for a Loraas bin and it doesn’t get picked up? Like many other services available […]

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